Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dayna.....Yup That's Me!

(Age 15)
I was a wild and rebellious teen. I was a "metal-head chic" that wore all black and leather. I played guitar, hated being told what to do and how to do it. I wanted to sleep all day and stay up all night. I so wanted to pursue a music career and spend every day hanging out with my friends and play guitar in a band called, "Skeletal Onslaught".

I fought so hard for everything that felt *True* to me. I fought for my freedom to wear what I listen to what I spend my time doing what made me sparkle.... I fought so hard to just be *Dayna*.

My children will never know such a struggle to be themselves. I will always fully embrace their interests and passions. I will always respect what they would like to wear and how they want to have their hair. I will buy them the music that they are drawn to. I will always encourage them to *Be Themselves* and honor and respect them.

I wouldn't change a thing about my struggle as a teen. It helped me become the open-minded person that I am today. I fought hard for my *Freedom of Expression* when I was a teen and in turn, I earned it for not only myself but for my kids too! I am so grateful for my past, my present and my children's future.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever think about what you would have done with your childhood had you been an unschooled child?
Despite that you are grateful for your past, what do you think *would* have been?

Dayna Martin said...

Sometimes I think about that. I actually wrote a poem about it:

Who Knows

Originally published in Live Free, Learn Free Magazine 2006

Who knows who I may have become. Who knows who today I might be.
If I was left alone and respected as a child to learn about what was important only to me.
I yearned to examine the woods, play with my dolls, create, bake, and explore the sea.
Instead, I lost years of my life listening to what an expert thinks I may need to know someday, that may be important only to he.
Who might I be today?
Where might I be?
If even one person allowed me to just be me.