Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dream BIG!

Living the law of attraction, I've learned that my thoughts and feelings greatly shape my life. I also know that I can have anything I want in life, and I do.

I love to share with others that there is nothing wrong with "wanting" in life. The physical things in our lives are simply tools to aid us on our own path to joy and fulfillment. The more tools, games and fun on our life's journey the better! We live a life of choosing things in life both physical and non-physical that make us happy and continue us down our own learning and growing paths.
When my children want something in life, I don't make them feel ungrateful for wanting it because they haven't played with their other toys enough, as was often the treatment many received as children themselves.. As someone who came down a more naturally-minded parenting filter, I can sometimes feel guilty when I have a desire for something cool that I read about or heard advertised somewhere. I've learned to let go of these feelings that I shouldn't want "things". There is such a focus on the "evils' of consumerism" in some alternative circles.

For me it feels natural to "want". Not from a lacking place, but from a place of joy of expansion.
We are wanting beings and will never stop wanting until we die. (This is one of my favorite things that I learned from Ester Hicks about the Law of Attraction.)Everything has two sides in how to choose to view things in life determines so much for your experience.I choose to look at commercials and ads like little windows into human capability and see them as a window into what is available in our world from many sources. I enjoy, rather than begrudge commercials when I see them. It is a choice after all how we decide to look at these things in life.I was sitting on the couch last week nursing Orion. I was watching TV, but from the angle I was sitting I couldn't see the screen very well. I thought to myself that it would be great to have a huge flat screen for that wall someday. I was thinking how good it would feel to be able to fit the whole family on the couch and all be able to see the TV. I also loved the idea of being able to gain more space in the living room because newer TV's are so thin and streamline that we would gain a lot of space from being able to hang it on the wall.

I know that anything in life can come to you when you feel yourself owning it, rather than being in that space of lack because you don't have it yet. Once you have the desire for something, just know that it is coming and celebrate that you "ordered" it, much like ordering a book on Amazon.com.Well, I must have shot one hell of a rocket of desire....Joe went to the dump like he does every Monday. He has a passion for the dump, because he loves finding treasures... One of his favorite sayings is, "Can you believe someone threw this away?!"

Well, can you believe he found a 52 inch flat screen television!?! He found it at the dump and as heavy as it was, got it into the car. When he got home he opened the car door and showed it to me. It seemed so surreal. I couldn't believe it! It was so heavy we could barely carry it in the house, but we managed with the kids help.

It works perfectly. We are grateful to have it come into our life.

When I first shot off my rocket of desire, if I would have thought to myself after, "We can't afford that.." or " We'll never have something like that", I would have shot a second rocket that shot my first rocket down! I believe that I am learning how to really Trust my wanting and my desires in life and let go of the doubts or fear surrounding if I can actually have certain things in life.. Of course... I can have it all!

I knew that I would someday have the tv that I wanted. When I let go of the "how" part of what I want in life and just *know* without a doubt that it is coming, it always does. Always.

Money is only one way to get things we want in life. Our whole family sat on the couch together last night curled up in blankets and enjoyed a movie together. It was like being at the movies!
I love that I create my own reality. I am so grateful for our new TV and all that the world holds for us.... Life Rocks!

Dream.....Dream Big!


Krista said...

Dream BIG has been our mantra lately as we have been delving into rock music (it's Queen and David Bowie especially lately) together, obsessing over lyrics, videos, wanting to be rock stars and singing our hearts out! I love this post!

I wanted to share another note on "wanting", I must have really "unwanted" our TV for various reasons (it was huge, bulky, ugly, etc.) because within a week or so of thinking this, it totally frizzled out! It was only 3 years old. So out it went, and made space in our small living room for more dancing, and lots of Lego space, which we all needed.

We still enjoy watching entertainment, but use my 24"flatscreen iMac, which really works well and looks beautiful.

Glad to see you posting, I've missed hearing from you!

Penny said...

This has made me smile all day - thank you for sharing your joy and inspiring me to welcome it into my own life. You rock.

But you already know that :)

Anonymous said...

I have been working on a vision board of my own. You may remember me talking about a LARGE slab of wood that my husband had in front of the living room window for almost a year that he would NOT put outside or do anything with- only swear that he was "doing something" with it. Well, I took it the other day and leaned it up against a very empty spot in our room and decoupaged all kinds of "vision board" pictures to it. I printed out the "ABC"s of unschooling by Mary Gold. I put pictures of Greenlee's jewelry, campers, lots of gardening things and miscellaneous things as well. There are lots of pictures that have to do with many parts of my life and my goals. Lots of cool sayings, too. My husband still insists he's going to "do something" with that slab of wood, he's just going to "do it" to the other side of what I decoupaged onto. I don't care, by the time he gets around to it, all the goals outlined on that vision board will have come true and it will be time for a new one.
In front of that living room window, I put this spare desk we had with all of our art supplies. It's so nice now.

Chasey said...

I just found your blog a few days ago.LOVE IT!We are a Life Learning family in Canada.Just had to post about the "law of attraction" and how what happened to us today,made me think of your words here !My two daughter's(9yrs & 4yrs) and I went to the recycling depot.There is a large bookcase filled with donated books.I quickly looked through it and came across two items which I had just thought about yesterday.One was a large wall map,almost new.The other,was a book I had just added a month ago, to my "wish list" on amazon.ca.It was in perfect condition!$16 new!
So grateful to the universe!
But I have ALWAYS believed that your wishes/thoughts (as long as they are postive) will come back to you.We moved three years ago to the town I wanted to move to,(only one house fell into our price range at the time and we got it!).
Long before that,I believed I would have a second child,after several losses (three miscarriages after my first daughter's twin sister's stillbirth in 2000).I had my second daughter in 2005.My two daughter's are my greatest reminder,everyday, in the power of the law of attraction!

Anonymous said...

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